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Step into your own 
Embrace your


Embody your


Life is calling you to show up & bring all of who you are to the table. 


Hi, I'm Els Marie,

an alignment & leadership coach, authentic connection facilitator, spiritual guide and eternal student of life. 

I’m here to support and inspire courageous women (and the occasional man) with big hearts and big dreams, to heal the wounds of past trauma and realign to their inner power, so they no longer need to hold themselves back and become free to

SHINE as the radiant leaders and women

they've always known themselves to be.

I believe that when we: 

       dare to be ourselves authentically and unapologetically

       follow our highest alignment, joy and pleasure

       surrender to our soul’s purpose and bring our gifts into the world


we will not only create lives that truly EXCITE and IGNITE US,

but that are of SERVICE to others as well.

Here's how I can support you

Work with me one-on-one


Release self-doubt, fear of rejection, limiting beliefs, unworthiness and overwhelm. Express more of who you are authentically and unapologetically. Follow your heart's desires, surrender to your soul's purpose and tap into spiritual guidance. Serve the world with your gifts and enjoy your life while you're at it!

Book a 30 min FREE DISCOVERY CALL to find whether it is a fit for us to work together or read more here.

Free inspiration and content



*creating a deeper relationship with yourself and healing childhood trauma

*growing self-leadership

*being yourself in connection & all things authenticity in leadership

*embodying your fullness with the feminine archetypes

*conscious manifestation and co-creation with the Universe.

*tapping into divine guidance & channeling your higher self.

*shadow work, existential kink & magick

Being Yourself in Connection

5-week closed group container


Bring more of your truth, vulnerability and heart forward with others. 
Experience more depth, aliveness and closeness in connection. 

'Being Yourself in Connection' is a container where you'll have the opportunity to practice bringing more of yourself forward with others in real time and experience how transformative it can be to be yourself in connection more, supported by my guidance and in an environment where people typically feel very safe.

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