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Are you ready to break down the walls around yourself and come into connection again?

Liberate yourself from the shackles of the past (childhood trauma, old unfelt pain, limiting beliefs and patterns, self-doubt/self-criticism/perfectionism/people-pleasing, co-dependency, unworthiness, disconnection),

 & come intdeeper connection

...with yourself:

  • Know better who you are in your core and what you are truly feeling, needing and wanting.

  • Love and accept yourself more as you are, and feel your inherent worthiness.

  • Feel more confident in bringing out and expressing your unique personality, your gifts, purpose and creativity.

  • Make choices and set boundaries that are in alignment for you.

  • Navigate emotions and triggers that feel difficult with more ease.

  • Reclaim your innocence and playfulness.

  • Relax and enjoy your life more.

  • Let go of patterns that no longer serve you, like perfecting and self-criticizing.

  • Have more energy available to follow your dreams and soul's purpose.

...with others:

  • Feel free to be who you really are around others in a relaxed way. 

  • Embrace and share your vulnerability, and experience more closeness and intimacy with others.

  • Learn how to stay with yourself in connection and no longer loose yourself in the other.

  • Feel more safe to open your heart and allow others close.

  • Learn how to own your experience and communicate your truth, boundaries and needs in a way they land with the other and you can be heard and seen.

  • Clear your relationships in general from projection and blame, so you can enjoy the other and the connection again.

  • Experience deeper intimacy and epic love with your romantic partner.

...with the greater whole of Life and your divine power:

  • Become more present in the now.

  • Let go of control and stress and surrender the flow of Life.

  • Have a greater sense of inner stillness and peace.

  • Learn how to tap into your inner guidance.

  • Find your alignment and create your experience of life from within.

  • Have a greater faith that Life is always happening FOR you, not against you. 

  • Find deeper meaning in life. 


Being seen by Els has been transformative on my healing journey. Her skilled presence and genuine curiosity allowed for parts of me to come forth that I didn’t even know were there. My experience is that the space she is able to hold will invite what needs your attention. I highly recommend working with her, for that reason alone. 

With her support I have grappled dark shadows and harvested many important insights. Els has helped me create more space around my grief and shame and I have always felt safe and respected.


Pernille Vestskogen, Sweden

Investment: FREE

Duration: 30 min

Investment: 95 euro (incl. VAT)

Duration: 1h 15 min

Investment: 95 euro (incl. VAT)

Duration: 1h 15 min

Investment: 95 euro (incl. VAT)

Duration: 1h 15 min

Hop on a free call with me

so we can get to know

each other and decide if

working with me is right for you. 



Investment: 175 euro (incl. VAT)

Duration: 60 min

(Book your spot and I'll get back to you with payment details within 24 hours.)



Investment: FREE

Duration: 30 min

IMPORTANT: Only book this call if you are considering working with me in

a 3-month coaching container.


Hi Els,


I wanted to thank you again for the most precious gift I could ever receive, the feeling of being FREE. Free to be myself, without judgment and welcome with all of my feelings and emotions.


I feel like a hummingbird that gets to fly out for the first time to all the most beautiful spots in the world to find the most beautiful flowers to enjoy. It's so exciting.


The way you showed yourself vulnerably to all of us, really impacted me. Such a warm and tender feeling. Thank you so much.


Viki L., Wijnegem, Belgium.


Dear Els, I'm amazed at how deeply you can be present with me whenever I touch upon something really vulnerable inside myself. And how transforming that feels. You find exactly the right question at the right moment. Or you may say nothing at all, but hold me in such a special way. What I also love about you is your soft vulnerability, that you share so openly, so real and authentically. It inspires me and makes me feel safe with you.


Bene. H. from Brussels


Copyright 2021 Els Cardinaels - All rights reserved.

Photography by Alima Ruf. 

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