Life is calling us to show up &
all of who we are to the table.


Hey beautiful,
I'm Els

A student of life and a spiritual seeker with a deep longing to show up transparant in and for Life.

My path is one of coming into connection again, with myself, others and Life, in a way where I feel to be who I truly am, unapologetically, and embody my fullness, in my relationships, creativity and soul's mission. 

For a long time, I experienced a deep sense of disconnection.

I was completely closed off from who I was,

stuck in people-pleasing and perfectionism.

I didn't feel good enough nor deserving of love and connection.

I felt lonely, often times depressed, had little energy to follow my soul's purpose

or enjoy my life.

This is what I learned and see working for myself every day:


When we are willing to embrace the


human beings that we are


step into the magic of

our unique gifts and inner power,


we create lives that not only EXCITE and IGNITE us,

but that are off SERVICE to everyone else.


Cause when we truly dare to be ourselves?

 THAT'S when our light shines brightest!

That's when we naturally find our alignment

and everything flows with ease.

Over the past 9 years, I've supported hundreds of people to:

-break down the walls they had built around them

-bring out and express what's really inside

- come into connection with themselves, others and Life itself

- love and appreciate themselves more

- tap into the juice that's hidden in the shadow and free stuck life force

-move from victimhood to empowerment

- embody more of their self-leadership and fullness

 - consciously create the lives they are longing for

I'd love to be of service to you too.

Find out below how you can work with me.



One-on-one sessions

Deepen the relationship you have with yourself, others and Life & get clear on the aligned way for you to move forward right now. 




Online program for courageous women who are ready to love themselves and willing to surrender to Life, so they can start receiving what it is they are truly longing for.


Being Yourself in Connection

6 week online deep dive

to experience more depth, aliveness and closeness in connection. 


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Photography by Alima Ruf.