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Life is calling you to show up and leave
everyone better than you found them. 

Hi, I'm Els Marie

I'm a human connection specialist with a passion for creating spaces where individuals can shed their masks, and deepen authentic connection to themselves and others.

My own path has been marked by many challenges, from childhood trauma to battles with depression, low self-confidence, abusive relationships and self-sabotage.

Through my personal journey, I've intimately understood what it's like to move through life with big walls around me,

not feeling good enough,

not able to express and bring out the real me,

feeling disconnected and isolated,

and unfulfilled in my life's purpose and in relationships.

Here's the beautiful truth I've discovered over the past decade of working with people all over the world: no matter our background or struggles, we all yearn to experience more closeness and aliveness in connection. We want to do life together.


And, from the fear of rejection to the pressure of perfection, we all share common barriers that hinder genuine intimacy.

I passionately believe that connection is our birthright and our medicine.

By learning to embrace ourselves as we are and by practicing vulnerability, deep presence and self-leadership in connection, we unlock a profound transformational power that changes the way we relate to each other for the better.

My mission is to empower you to bring more of your truth, vulnerability and heart forward with others, to find your unique voice and expression and to cultivate relationships that feed your soul.

I'm dedicated to seeing you feel free and safe to really be YOU.

Let your presence be a blessing to everyone around you. 

Contact me for a free discovery call or with any questions you have at

With love and excitement, Els Marie

"Working with Els has been truly supportive in my healing. I have experience with many other therapies and there is just something here that is so different.


The part that has truly been healing for me is the sense that Els is completely there for me, non-judgmentally, aware and present. She lets my own wisdom and intelligence of the body and mind spring up and helps put the pieces of the puzzle together. I feel empowered and alive. So grateful, thank you so much!

Daniel EK, Sweden

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