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Dear woman

SOUVEREIGN is my invitation to you into a group of
women embarking together on a journey of stepping into their inner power and courageously 
reclaiming dominion over themselves and their lives.

I experience the power of SOUVEREIGNTY every time:


I'm able to guide myself from fear (stuck in difficult emotions, limitation, overwhelm, disconnection, self-criticism) to a place of love (acceptance, connection, movement, abundance, possibility, surrender to God)


I'm making choices and taking actions that come from alignment with my truth, worthiness, boundaries, desires and inner divine guidance, and NOT from trying to measure up to perfection, trying to please others or trying to control my circumstances in some futile attempt to get approval or create false safety.

I'm being really being myself in connection, courageously showing what is really alive in me, what I need and want in the connection, opening my heart to see the other beyond my fears, projections and judgments. honouring my boundaries.

I'm daring enough to face my shadow dead on and liberate the juicy-ness of the life force stuck there, and allow it to transform into fuel for my unapologetic-ness, enjoyment and pleasure in life.



This is what I like to call

stepping into sexy hot leadership

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This journey will support you to:

  • learn to guide yourself back to a place of love and connection whenever stuck in fear or disconnection.

  • develop stellar self-leadership in all aspects of your life.

  • feel more free to be who you are, unapologetically, and embody your fullness.

  • say yes to YOU and what you need and want for your life and in your relationships.

  • open up to embrace the power of vulnerability and authenticity in connection.

  • live from surrender to divine guidance.

  • tap into the juicy-ness of your shadow, reclaim your life force and bring back joy and pleasure into your life.   


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