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Bring more of your truth, vulnerability and heart forward.
Experience more depth, aliveness & closeness in connection
with yourself, others and Life.

A life fully lived is a life of connection.


When we live from a place of deep connection to ourselves, others and Life, 

we have a clear sense of who we are and what is true for us in the moment, 

we feel free to be ourselves authentically around others, and

we generally feel relaxed and trusting, knowing Life has our back.


Connection is an amazing place to live from.


Connection is our birth right.......


Yet a lot of us struggle with feelings of disconnection, loneliness, insecurity,... to some extent or other.

We're either out of touch with our true feelings, needs and wants.

We stop ourselves from fully expressing out of fear what others will think.

Or we just have this nagging sense that there must be MORE to life somehow. More depth, more aliveness, more realness, more juice, more flow available for us.

.......and our medicine as well!

Relating to ourselves and others from an open, honest and vulnerable place can be scary and challenging.

Fear of rejection and disapproval by others, fear of what we might feel in ourselves when we open up more, and fear of being hurt and not received in our innocent expressions of appreciation and love, are but a few reasons why we hold back in connection. 


It requires courage and willingness to let down the walls we've built around ourselves, so our inner most being can come out into the world more fully, and Life and love back in.


This journey can only really happen IN connection. And that is exactly what this program is for.

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What we hold back
keeps us out of real contact with each other.

'Come into Connection', is a 5-week container where you'll have the opportunity to

practice being in conscious and authentic connection.


It's a deep dive dynamic group process and a relational playground to be deeply present with ourselves and with what's alive for us in the moment.


When being deeply present this way, our relational blindspots – our subtle ways of being in connection where we are f. ex. hiding, (self)rejecting or pleasing, our fears, our stories, our 'shoulds' – automatically become apparent and we can work with them in real time.


How we show up in connection is how we show up in life.

And in relating to others,

we also discover how we are relating to ourselves.


Now we get to make new choices.

How DO we want to show up in connection?

Which new ways of relating do we want to adopt

to deepen our sense of connection in everyday life?

Is more of you ready
to come out
and play?



→ You experience a sense of disconnection and/or loneliness in your life that just won't be 'fixed' by any of the usual go-to's (career, social life, buying more stuff, social media, focus on outward appearance,....).

→ You feel closed off from yourself, out of touch with your true feelings, wants, needs, worthiness, depth, joy, purpose,... 

You want to create a deeper relationship with your inner world and meet some of the potentially uncomfortable places, vulnerabilities and emotions within yourself in the process.

You want to practice revealing yourself more honestly and truthfully and take a change on sharing the things you normally hold back. You want to stop editing yourself, hiding parts of yourself, or people-please in order to be approved of or avoid rejection. 


 You long to be known for ALL of who you are, so real closeness and intimacy become possible.


→ You find it hard to take up space in a group and feel uncomfortable receiving attention.

You see this group as an opportunity to embody your right to exist, take space confidently and rewire your unworthiness to receive.

→ You want to receive the gift of feeling seen for who you really are without needing to be any different, and be touched by really seeing others beyond your own fears and projections.

→ You want to learn how to be with discomfort, shame and triggers as they come up.

→ You want to learn to trust your experience and intuition in connection with others and be able to stay with your own experience and not loose yourself in the other. 

→ You want to be able to create safety and clear boundaries for yourself. 


→ You long to feel more free in your playfulness, spontaneity and authentic expression. You want to stay in touch with what YOU really want to do and be able to follow your impulse. You're looking for a safe space to experiment with this.


→You want to feel more connected to a sense of 'togetherness' and the greater whole of Life.


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'Come into Connection' is for you if:

Els held a container of integrity, honesty, vulnerability, and kindness; a safe space where I was able to show up and touch my edges in connection with others, where I became more aware of my patterns, my challenges, my light and my dark, and could bring love to them all so that they could unfold and transform. 

It was an honour to witness so many other beautiful souls as they shared their truths and there were wonderful moments of spontaneity, friendship and tenderness throughout. Each week I looked forward to the next session with eager anticipation. 

As I continue on after the course I feel further emboldened to bring my full self into each moment and the people that I meet. I would thoroughly recommend diving deeply into this course for anyone who wishes to know themselves more fully and relate with more authenticity in their lives.


With love,


(Simon Tanner, UK)

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"Thank you Els. 

Having recently completed the Come into Connection course I can say how touched I am with the depth of connection I experienced with all involved but also with myself. 


About me

For a long time, I experienced a deep sense of disconnection.

I was completely closed off from who I was, struggled with depression, loneliness and self-hatred. I didn't feel good enough nor deserving of love and connection. It was a long journey to come back to myself and to open up to let more of me come out and allow Life and love back in.

Nowadays, revealing myself honestly, vulnerably and powerfully is my deepest personal practice (and the one that scares me most as well!) and working with groups around authenticity in connection a big passion.


I trained with Circling Europe in 2014 to become a certified Circling facilitator and nowadays I'm a senior leader on their team, facilitating many workshops and co-leading the SAS Circling & Surrendered Leadership training.

In 2017 I trained in HeartIQ circle work with Christian Pankhurst, an amazing modality to embody more of our fullness and truth in life.


In 'Being Yourself in Connection', I'm bringing my own flavor and leadership in and to these practices to you, as well as my heart, my deep space holding capacity, my years of experience in working with people and different healing modalities, and my deep love for shame and shadow integration.

Dani (1).png

I really enjoyed my weekly sessions with Els and the other participants of the class and feel sad it has now finished. 

I enjoyed the honesty in the class, the trust in a safe non-judgemental space and I value that because of that I could share an experience which I would not necessarily share generally. It helped me to release some of the shame I hold about the topic, which I thought was very beneficial.


I also think that Els is really good at sensing how people, actually each one of us at the same time, feel and how they are doing.

Sometimes I would patiently wait to speak as I didn‘t want to interfere with the energy that was created (created in an online space, by the way, which I think is quite impressive!).

Els would sense that and gently invite me in.

She really holds the group together.


I was touched by many intimate moments between us participants. We did one session where everyone was invited to be exactly like they want to be in that moment and follow their own flow. No need to sit on your chair staring on the screen, but really listen to yourself and let your body guide you.

Half of the group ended up lying on their bed/floor with a cosy blanket and pillow. I will never forget that session. It felt so real. So honest. So free.


I would definitely want to recommend doing sessions with Els who is a great facilitator and you will be in good hands with her.

You might be surprised about the outcome. I personally want to integrate what I have learned into my life outside the class.


Thank you, Els!

(Daniela Schaffrik, UK)

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(Dutch testimonial)

Being Yourself in Connection ervaarde ik als een ruimte van observatie, diep luisteren in verbinding met anderen.

Het was voor mij als een laboratorium waar ik kon kijken hoe ik normaal (onbewust) zou reageren, maar hoe ik ook anders kan reageren, hoe ik met al mijn (verborgen) gevoelens evengoed welkom ben en kan 'zijn' met anderen.

Ik ervaarde veel oprecht zoeken, een groot respect en een veilige plek.

Els creëert daarvoor de voorwaarden. Ze geeft ruimte, tijd, aandacht.

Ik ervaarde haar als een diepe, liefdevolle en nieuwsgierige aanwezigheid.  


Elke sessie was als een explorerende tocht met handvaten en oefeningen. Ik voelde me uitgedaagd maar op een zeer veilige manier. Het proces werd gradueel opgebouwd.


Els brengt ook haarzelf in de kring, dat gaf mij veel vertrouwen, waardoor ik het stamelen en strompelen van mezelf meer durfde laten zien en kon aanvaarden. Dat ze zichzelf ook helemaal meeneemt in het proces geeft ook verbondenheid.


Op een bepaald moment ervaarde ik een glimp van hoe ik in verbinding kan zijn in volledige vrijheid met mezelf (wat de vrijheid dan ook moge zijn).


Ik ervaarde subtiele veranderingen of bewustwordingen in mijn dagelijks leven. Een kiem is geschoten, ik moet het nog meer van datzelfde water geven.

(Guido Vrebos, Belgium)

'I joined this course because I didn’t want to hide myself anymore and experiment with new ways of connecting and relating to others.

Els created a safe container and provided the space to explore showing more of myself. I felt free to explore being vulnerable and playful but also the sides I normally think are unwanted like feeling distracted or not interested in listening to someone.


Surprisingly, showing these unwanted sides allowed me to also experience more gratitude and appreciation and in general to feel more free.

Seeing the other participants, and Els herself as well, opening up gave a feeling of closeness and a more rich form of connection which was a beautiful experience.

This has encouraged me to practice with this more in my own life with my current friendships with already some good results and I am determined to deepen my friendships with the things I learned during these sessions.


This course can be helpful for you if you struggle to be who you really want to be during connection with other people and if you have a longing to create more satisfying relationships with the people close to you.

It creates a safe space that allows you to experiment with being around others in a way that feels more authentic to you even if you are a bit afraid to try it out.

(Raymond, The Netherlands)

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Practical Details

To get the most out of this workshop, come with an openness and willingness to bring yourself in and participate in the practices. This containers requires high engagement of its participants. Camera's need to be on to ensure the safety of the space.
The sessions will not be recorded.

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What, When & Where:

---> 5 live 2,5 hour calls via Zoom (with a 15 min break): 

---> private whatsapp group for inspiration, support and sharing


---> Event capped at 12 participants.

Dates of next cohort to be decided.



---> Regular price: 247 euro

Early Bird: 197 euro


----> send me an email at to sign up and get the payment details,


---> book a free 30 min discovery call with me first to see if the program is a fit for you:


Copyright 2021 Els Cardinaels - All rights reserved.

Photography of by Alima Ruf. 

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